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Basketbalclub Bladel

Drawing tools for every sport!

Temporarily free use the drawing tool? Which can! We are launching our new tool and
want to give everyone the opportunity to work on it once.

Voetbal - Hele veld horizontaal
Basketbal - Hele veld
Rugby - Hele veld horizontaal
Volleybal - Hele veld horizontaal
Hockey - Hele veld
Wandrek verrijdbaar

Easy to use

Even as a beginner you can get started right away with the drawing tool


Easily enlarge or reduce materials

Maak voetbal oefeningen

color editor

Easily adjust materials or your players' shirts to the desired color

Choose the desired field

Voetbal - Leeg veld
Voetbal - Half veld
Voetbal - Half veld rechts
Voetbal - Hele veld horizontaal
Voetbalveld - 3D Horizontaal (1)

Own equipment per sport

Voetbal rebounder zijaanzicht
Ballen in een ballenzak
Mini trampoline zijaanzicht
Basketbaltoren verrijdbaar
Ballenwagen volleybal

Get rid of paper lesson plans!

The drawing tools of We Move Sports, have you seen them yet? I used to write out my workouts in my personal training manual. Here I collected all my exercises with the aim of using them more often in the future. Work it out well once so that I could benefit from it later. The manual quickly became too big to take to my workouts every time, so I took each handwritten sheet to the training. As organized as I am, it sometimes seemed that I lost my favorite exercises. Forget all the hard work and endless searching on the internet. It all seems to have been for nothing. But from now on that is a thing of the past! We have a drawing tool for every sport with a handy function to create a personal overview of your exercises. 

Online knowledge base with instructional videos

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Aan de slag met de tekentool
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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the chosen membership:

  • With the membership of €3.99 you have access for 1 month, after that your membership expires automatically
  • With the membership of € 2.99 you have unlimited access every month to cancel the membership yourself. 1 month notice period applies
  • With a membership of €29.00 you have access to all printable exercises for 1 year. After 1 year, your membership is tacitly renewed and can be canceled monthly.

With every order you will receive a shipping confirmation via an automated email. An invoice is automatically generated with this e-mail based on the information you entered with your order. 

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1. It is important to check whether you are logged in. This can be done easily by clicking on login in the menu. You are not logged in when you still need to fill in your details. You are logged in when you see an overview of your dashboard. 

2. As soon as you are in the dashboard overview, you know that you are logged in. When you go to exercises in the menu and choose the sport for which you have become a member, you can see all exercises. 

3. Sometimes you may still not be able to see the games. It can then help to Browsing history at to clear

4. Should this not work, please contact us.

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What do customers say about us?

Fun Ludo is all about experience and sports fun. Joris is perfectly capable of organizing and taking care of these cheerful and sporty Fun Ludo activities. The participants visibly enjoy this. Joris is a professional host and makes sure everyone is having a good time. He perfectly matches the activities with the needs of the group. Its sports and games activities are attractive and innovative. I can therefore wholeheartedly recommend We Move Sports.
Ruben Keulers
The Movement Company
''I use We Move Sports for various volunteer activities. I also give a lot of sports lessons myself and I work a lot with holidaymakers. We move Sports not only offers many different and targeted lessons, but also contributes a lot to the fun factor. Joris thank you very much for the fun games and the cool ideas, tailor-made for our school groups. Great Work!!''
Marijn Klerks
Sports instructor

Membership for 1 month

This membership expires automatically after 1 month. So you are not committed to anything and it gives you access to all exercises of the chosen sport for a month. 

The monthly membership

The monthly membership is continuous. You pay a monthly amount, so you don't have to make a payment every time. With a monthly membership you have access to all exercises of the chosen sport. All exercises can be viewed with a video for support. To cancel? Yes, no problem. You can cancel your membership at any time. So you are not tied to anything.  

The annual membership

The annual membership is continuous. You pay an amount once, so you don't have to make a payment every time. Moreover receive you through an annual membership discount, where in the membership there are 2 months free are compared to a monthly membership! With a monthly membership you have access to all exercises of the chosen sport. All exercises can be viewed with a video for support. 

Access to video clips

Depending on the subscription chosen by you, you will have direct access to various exercises supported by video fragments.

Level differentiation

Adjust the difficulty of your workouts yourself. For every target group there are different exercises that you can choose yourself. This allows you to monitor the level of the team and individual players.

Not good, money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied, we would like to hear from you so that we can continuously improve our offer. Are you not satisfied? Then we use a money-back guarantee.