Rugby exercises for your next training

Are you looking for suitable rugby exercises for your training sessions? Would you like to gain more inspiration and knowledge about learning through play? Below you will find all kinds of FREE exercises that you can use immediately! The many activities are specially designed for young youth. Would you rather have access to the entire methodology? 

Teach players to lock in or run free

How do I learn to lock in or free players?

In this exercise, the players learn to enclose and tap the ball in co-operative walking. If successful, the tagged runner stands with his legs apart and can be freed when another free runner crawls under his legs. Runners learn to walk to free spaces in this exercise to avoid being boxed in.

Overplay, free run & communicate

How do I teach players to pass, clear and communicate?

In this exercise, the players learn to pass underhand with two hands under pressure from the defense, to walk free and thus to break free from the defenders and to communicate with each other. If the ball collides with another ball or the ball is intercepted by the other side, that team starts counting again.

Players learn to make offensive choices

How do I teach players to make choices in attack?

In this exercise, the players learn to either walk on when the way to the end zone is clear or to play the ball backwards with a correct underhand pass to a more promising player. If you are tagged, the game will resume with a Try.