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soccer skills

Without football skills we cannot score and without game insight we will not score. That is why tactics and technique are always linked. In our methodology, techniques are a tool to get to grips with the final football game more quickly. 

Soccer Skills for Youth

Youth football skills are necessary to optimize the skills of your players. Of course, in almost all football exercises these skills come back at some point. Nevertheless, it is good to offer these skills in a game-oriented manner. What do we mean by this. By this we mean that we practice skills that are necessary to apply in game situations. An exercise to only practice passing without a defender does not ensure that players can continue to have possession of the ball in a match situation and therefore be able to pass well. Train like you play matches. This is one of many examples of how to practice game-oriented skills. In all football exercises it says the fun of the player central.

Access to all football exercises

Every week will come again new games online. Each game comes with a video to support you. This makes the football exercises for the youth immediately clear. 

Filter football skills

The filter to filter football skills offers you the opportunity to train specific skills game-oriented. Whether you're looking for dribbling skills or fun soccer exercises for an endgame. With the filter you have made your choice quickly.